EQ Solutions is your source for the safest and most effective cleaning supplies available. Whether you're cleaning your horse, barn, tack or equipment, RV, or a fleet of vehicles, EQ Solutions offers superior products at an affordable price. Bathe your animals.... Wash your trailer...Clean your tack... In just minutes with no hassle! Derived from plant esters, EQ Solutions are naturally attracted to the proteins, sugar and fats that comprise dirt and grime. As soon as EQ Solutions are applied to your animal's coat or on your trailer's surface, their ingredients rapidly begin to break down these basic soil components. Dust and grime rinse away in mere minutes from the time you apply EQ Solutions-with no mess. Detergent-free, with no harsh salts or petroleum products. EQ Solutions is the answer for all your cleaning needs

EQ Solutions products have Food Grade, USDA and OSHA certifications that have been approved for food & vegetable washing along with food processing.

        Category Code AJ, A4, 3D

        NSF Registration No. 133459 & 133460


Our Guarantee
Ordering from EQ Solutions is *RISK-FREE. We absolutely insist that you be completely satisfied. If you discover our products are not what you expected, return it and we'll refund your money. All we ask is that you tell us why so we can improve our service to our valued customers.


Our line of EQ Solutions Products Includes:


EQ Body Wash is used for safe and effective washing of equine and other short hair animals. Designed to be easily dispensed through a foaming tool.

EQ Body Wash is not a detergent. It contains no salt or petroleum products and therefore will not dry out the skin. Your animal's coat will shine and feel velvet smooth and since you are removing all the food sources and odors, which attract mites and dwelling insects, you should see a reduction in these pests.

Manufacturing specifications state that the final pH of the finished product must be between 6.0 and 7.0. Depending on the pH of the customer's water used for dilution the final pH of the mixed product will be between 6.5 and 7.0.

Body Wash with Built-In Foamer 32 oz

Body Wash 1 Gallon

Body Wash 2.5 Gallon

Body Wash 5 Gallon












A special pH adjusted solution for proper cleaning of aluminum or steel trailers. It is also safe to use on other materials including plastics, decals, paint, rubber, vinyl.

This product has a wax in it. Dilute in water with your pressure washer to clean your trucks, trailer and siding etc,. Apply to the surface and then agitate with a soft brush. For corroded aluminum use a 3M Scotch pad, soak with cleaner, lightly rub the product over the surface until the corrosion is removed. Continued washing of the cleaned aluminum with this product will limit any further corrosion.

EQ Truck and Trailer Wash is not a detergent or soap and will not cause hydrogen embrittlement of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Use of EQ Truck and Trailer Wash will eliminate the need to have your aluminum trailer acid washed in order to remove any corrosion and continued use will protect your trailer from corroding.

Product Highlights...
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-reactive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Derived from plant esters
  • Readily biodegradable in less than 28 days.
  • Versatile, highly filterable, reusable and an antioxidant in nature.
  • $29.95 + Shipping


An effective Multi-Purpose Cleaner for stalls, trailer interiors, floors, mats, etc. Uses powerful hyperactive cleaning particles to penetrate and lift hydrocarbon soil such as fats, oils, greases, proteins and sugars.

EQ Soil Release can be used with the foaming tool or used in a tub to soak articles overnight. Either way, you see new life in all your equipment.

You can clean saddle pads, blankets/sheets, splint boots, stall walls and floors, trailer interiors, bits, etc.

Use this product on all equipment that touches your horse. Use Body Wash on the horse and you will immediately see that your gear doesn't get nearly as dirty as in the past.

Product Highlights:
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-reactive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-caustic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Derived from plant esters
  • Readily biodegradable in less than 28 days.
  • Versatile, highly filterable, reusable and an antioxidant in nature.
  • $29.95 + Shipping

Manufactured to industrial standards, this heavy -duty foaming tool features a quick release-rinsing nozzle that attaches to any garden hose. All you do is attach the trigger nozzle to a garden hose, attach the dispenser that is filled with product full strength * to the trigger nozzle, turn on water and foam away.

The applicator controls the dilution and dispenses the product as foam so it remains on the surface longer allowing it time to work. It is the key to a more effective wash and is a real time saver.

* See each product for dilution ratio.

  • $45.00 + Shipping




Designed to be used as either a portable or permanent station, the EQ Wall Mount Unit allows you to wash multiple animals or trailers without stopping!  Features a two line system to accommodate the use of two different solutions.  Stainless steel with 6' feed line and
25' hose with detachable nozzle.  Convenient shut off switch controls both product and water flow.  Backed by three year warranty.

  • $299.95 + Shipping


EQ Wall Mount Units must
be shipped by freight
carrier.  Please call for
accurate freight charges.

Special Shipping Instructions


EQ Arena Dust Buster
The Solution to Dust and Mud!  A natural soil conditioner.  When applied, it permeates the soil and increases the soil's ability to absorb water.  EQ Arena Dust Buster granulates dust particles to form a loam like, dust free riding surface in all types of soils.

  • Controls dust by improving water retention

  • Works with all types of soils

  • Reduces labor costs and water consumption

  • Reduces potential health hazards to horses and riders

  • Safe & easy to use

  • Environmentally safe

  • $89.95 + Shipping




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